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Here you'll find the latest updates on our APIs & Developer Portal.

March 2021

Streamlined Consent flow for GB customers

After listening to your feedback about the Consent flow for GB customers, we are happy to say we've streamlined the process! It is now much easier for Corporate customers to give consent to TPPs to access their account information. You can read more about it underneath the Corporate customers section on this page:

Country specific Account & Card rules Great Britain

November 2020

New Account Information attribute documents (very helpful!)

As we have one Accounts API for all the countries we operate in, we realise that it can be a little confusing (in the swagger files) to see which attributes are applicable for each country (unless you use our Sandbox test documentation). To make the information more accessible to you, we have created attribute documents for all countries, per customer type (Individual / Corporate). We've also moved some of the business rules from the country specific pages, into the new attributes documents, so all the info you need is in one place. Please use the swagger files in conjunction with these new docs!

The pdf docs can be found under the "Accounts API Attributes" sections on the following pages:

Country specific Account & Card rules Sweden

Country specific Account & Card rules Great Britain

Country specific Account rules Finland

Country specific Account rules The Netherlands

Country specific Account rules Luxembourg

April 2020

New and improved API Technical Guidelines!

As we understand the complexities of integrating, we have split our Technical Guidelines to make it easier to find the information depending on what you want to do (e.g. retrieve account information, initiate payments). We've also gone more in depth into all of the necessary steps and provided examples of the requests and responses. We suggest starting at "Technical Guidelines" and working your way through.

Technical Guidelines

Accounts & Cards flow

Payments flow

Confirmation of Funds flow

Redirect Authorization flow

Decoupled Authorization flow

March 2020

GB Corporate Payments are LIVE

We are now live with Corporate Payments API for Great Britain. You can find general information related to the Payment Intiation API here (link to the API product can be found at the bottom of the page):

Payment Initiation API

For GB country specific rules (including cut off times) and the all important Implementation Guidelines, please see the below link:

Country specific Payment rules Great Britain

January 2020

SE Card Account Information API

You can now retrieve Credit Card and Charge Card information for Swedish Individual customers by using our Card Account Information API. 

Card Account Information API

December 2019

Updated Payment Implementation Guidelines 

We've recently updated the country specific Implementation Guidelines for our Payment Initiation API. These guidelines contain essential information such as which fields, formats and values are needed for the payment types available.

Please make sure you read them if you offer Payment Intiation services. It's important for you to know that the information can vary per country, per customer type and per payment type!

Payment Initiation API - country specific information

November 2019

Confirmation of Funds v2 released

We've now launched v2 of our Confirmation of Funds API in the Live environment and in our Sandbox. You can check out the details by following the link below.

Confirmation of Funds API

October 2019

Simplified Technical Guidelines

Based on feedback received, we've now simplified our Technical Guidelines to make it faster and easier to integrate with us. Please make sure you read them before you start integrating with our APIs.

Technical Guidelines

September 2019

PSD2 goes live!

PSD2 is now live across Europe as of the 14th September 2019. If you find that you need some extra support from us, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

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