Getting started

Do you want to build innovative services?

1. Sign up

Sign up now to create an account and get started. It will take just a few seconds and it’s free to join.

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Please check your e-mail and follow the instructions to log in. If you don't receive an e-mail within a few minutes, make sure it hasn't been sent to your spam folder.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have difficulties logging in.

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2. Explore our APIs

Go to the “Our APIs” page and click on the “Explore API” button. Here you'll find detailed API descriptions, documentation and examples.


3. Register your App

Before you can use an API, you need to register your App. You can do this by going to the “My Apps” page and then clicking on “Create new app”.

Fill in the form with the information below:

Title (mandatory): Enter the name of your App.
Description (optional): Enter a description of your App.
The OAuth Redirect URI is not used in this version of the Sandbox

Once your App has been created, a Client ID and Client Secret will be created. At the moment, only the Client ID is required to access the API.

Client ID – the Client ID is the identification of your App and must be submitted with all API calls.

Now that you’ve registered your App, you’ll be able to manage it through the “My Apps” page.

4. Start testing in our Sandbox

Browse the available APIs and subscribe to the one you are interested in. Then you can try it out in our sandbox and start building your App.

5. What's next?

Stay tuned for updates. We will continuously update our Developer Portal and we'll let you know when we are ready to offer you live data APIs.