Operational status

Information about upcoming disruptions and planned maintenance that will affect our LIVE API services.

Disruptions to services

On this page you'll find dates and times of disruptions we want you to be aware of. 

When Live Data cannot be accessed via our API services due to disruptions or planned maintenance, we will advise you to use our Contingency mechanism. Information about it can be found here:

Fallback solution (SE, GB, NL, LU)

Fallback solution (Finland only)

If you would like to report a problem to us, please Contact us

Maintenance from 10:00 on Monday 12th Sept to 16:00 on Wednesday 14th Sept

Planned maintenance will cause disruption to TPP onboarding and managing certificates, apps and subscriptions

From 10:00 (CEST) on Monday 12th September to 16:00 (CEST) on Wednesday 14th September (2022), we will be performing some system maintenance. During the specified times, Third Party Providers will not be able to:

- Onboard with us using our Third Parties API

- Manage certificates (e.g. add additional certificates)

- Manage apps (e.g. register new apps and get Client IDs)

- Manage subscriptions (e.g. subscribe your apps to our APIs)

Essentially, none of the steps in this guideline will be possible whilst we undergo maintenance Live Data Enrollment

During the system maintenance there may also be some disruption to our Live Data APIs (e.g. Accounts, Card-Accounts, Payments, Confirmation of Funds).

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.