Account Information API

Our Account Information API helps you to develop innovative and competitive applications for our mutual customers. 

New opportunities

By using our PSD2 Account Information API, you can retrieve accessible payment accounts and information such as balances and transactions. This gives you the opportunity to provide our mutual customers with innovative financial services.

Please note that both Handelsbanken Denmark and Handelsbanken Norway PSD2 APIs are handled by a third party service provider that requires separate setup and registration.

How does it work?

The Account Information API can be used to retrieve PSU account information, balances and transactions.

You'll find all the endpoints for this API within the links below, as well as the swagger file. We've included examples and stated which objects are mandatory for the endpoints. You can also read the definitions for each object, both for requests and responses.

The request is identical for all countries, but the response can differ depending on the country and customer category. Deviations are presented within the API Description.

To start testing this API, please follow the Getting Started guide.

Getting Started


V2Live Data



  • Account list
  • Account information
  • Balances
  • Transaction list

Go Live prerequisites

  • Authorised TPP 
  • PSD2 eIDAS certificate
  • Well tested app
  • Live data access

Country specific information

Here you find availability of our PSD2 Account Information API and more detailed specific information relating to specific country details. To dig into the detailed information please visit each country link separately.

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In order to browse and explore our APIs please use a desktop sized browser.

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Technical Guidelines

Before you start testing our APIs, please read our guidelines where you can find all the technical details you'll need. This guide gives you a clear overview of requests and responses in all our endpoints for AISP, PISP and CBPII flows.

Technical Guidelines