Confirmation of Funds API

This API is suitable for providing a quick availability of funds on a specific payment account before a transaction is made. 

New opportunities

By using our PSD2 Confirmation of Funds API, you can easily check whether a specific amount is available on a payment account. 


Supported countries

Our Confirmation of Funds API supports the following countries; Finland, Great Britain, Sweden and the Netherlands for individuals and corporates.

If you want to access local APIs for Handelsbanken Denmark and Norway, please follow the links below.

Denmark PSD2 APIs

Norway PSD2 APIs

Go Live prerequisites

  • Authorised TPP 
  • PSD2 eIDAS certificate
  • Well tested app
  • Live data access

Browser and explore API

In order to browse and explore our APIs please use a desktop sized browser.

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Technical Guidelines

Before you start testing this API please read our guidelines where you can find all you need for develop your application. This guide gives you a clear overview of requests and responses in all our endpoints for AISP, PISP and CBPII flows.

Technical Guidelines