Country specific Card Account rules

Country specific information about our Card Account Information API and its implementation rules.


Individual customers

SCA Methods

The strong customer authentication (SCA) methods and security solutions applicable for Swedish Individual customers are:

- Redirect: Card reader and log-on card, with / without cable
- Decoupled: Mobile BankID

Card Accounts

We will deliver Charge Card Accounts and Credit Card Accounts for Individual customers. Debit card transactions are not included in this Card Account Information API because they are included in the Account Information API.

KYC (Know Your Customer)

In order to receive customer's card accounts, the customer must have a valid KYC (Know Your Customer) at Handelsbanken. If there isn't a valid KYC, you (as the TPP) will receive a 403 error code when trying to retrieve card account information. Please refer the customer to the Bank / their online banking where they will find instructions.

Allkort (Card Account product)

Allkort MasterCard is a combined charge/credit card which has its own account, which is called the Allkort account (Allkortskonto). The customer can deposit money into the account and there is a credit facility linked to the account. The available amount is the sum of the credit facility and the balance on the account, minus any purchases made on the card that have not yet been invoiced or have been invoiced, but not debited.

Note that with this API you will only receive the card-based transactions, not the transactions made on the Allkort account. If you want to retrieve the account transactions, please use the Accounts API. To get a complete picture of the Allkort product, request information using both the Accounts API and Card Accounts API. 

Mobile BankID

Please note that if the SCA method ”Mobile BankID” is selected, and the Mobile BankID wasn't issued by Handelsbanken (i.e. another bank issued it), it needs to be activated before it can be used. This is achieved by the end user (PSU) logging into the Handelsbanken online services (for the first time).

Attributes for the Card Accounts API

In the below document you'll find which attributes are applicable for Swedish Individual customers, as well as other rules for Card Accounts (e.g. the maximum number of transactions).

Card Accounts API Attributes SE Individuals document