Payment Initiation API

Our Payment Initiation API offers a wide range of payments that our mutual customers can initiate through your innovative financial apps.

   "debtorAccount": {
      "value": "401934551",
      "accountType": "BBAN"
    "instructedAmount": {
      "currency": "GBP",
      "amount": 1000.00 
    "paymentTypeInformation": {
      "serviceLevel": {
        "code": "NURG"


The benefits of using our APIs

By using this API, you can safely and securely offer payment services to customers, such as:

- Initiate payments
- Initiate transfers
- Initiate cross-border payments
- Get payment status
- Cancellation of payments
- Signing Basket (only valid for Sweden and individual)

As we operate in multiple countries, further down this page you'll find links to our country specific pages where you'll find business rules and Implementation Guidelines (please note that this information varies per country).


Testing our APIs

When you've read through the documentation on this page and are ready to start some testing, please head over to this guide which will take you through the testing, step-by-step: Sandbox testing for Payments (PISP)

At the very bottom of this page, you'll find links that will take you to the API product page where you can subscribe to our API (so you can test it) and under "Explore bundled APIs" you'll find further technical info.

APIs and versions in Sandbox

Payments v1 (SE, FI, NL)

Payments GB v1


Implementing our Live APIs

When you've thoroughly tested our APIs and are ready to use our Live PSD2 APIs, you will first need to enroll with us. This can only be done by Third Party Providers that are authorised by their Local Competent Authority. If that applies to you, please follow this guide: Live Data Access

After enrolling, you'll then need to start implementing our PSD2 APIs. The guide for implementing the Payments API can be found here: Payments flow

For country specific information, head down to the section below. It's important that you read these pages because we've described business and implementation rules that differ depending on the country the customer holds accounts with.

Please note that for Handelsbanken Norway, the PSD2 APIs are handled by a third party service provider where you'll need to separately sign-up and register. The link to their portal can be found in the Country specific section below.

APIs and versions in Live

Payments v1 (SE, FI, NL)

Payments GB v1


Country specific information

As mentioned above, we operate in multiple countries and the payment types available vary depending on which country the accounts are located in. It is very important that you read the Implementation Guidelines, as they provide key details about which fields, formats and values are required for each payment type. To view the country specific information regarding the Payment Initiation API, please click on the links below.


Available APIs

Follow the links below to subscribe to our APIs (for testing) and start exploring the product.

Sweden, Finland and The Netherlands: We have one Payments API that supports all three countries.

Great Britain: We have one Payments API for Individual and Corporate customers in Great Britain.

General Payments API

Payments API v1 (SE, FI, NL)

Country specific API

Payments API GB v1

Payments API LU v1