Country specific Payment rules

Country specific information about our Payment Initiation API and its implementation rules.


General Information

Here you'll find useful information regarding our Payment Initiation API for Luxembourg, such as country specific rules, the Implementation Guidelines for all the payment types and general rules for our payment products.

As we operate worldwide, the services we offer are tailored for each market, so it's important to bear in mind that there can be differences between all of the countries and their payment products.

SCA Methods

The strong customer authentication (SCA) method and security solution applicable for Luxmbourgish customers is:

- Redirect: Card reader and log-on card, with / without cable

Payment products

For Individual customers, we provide SEPA Credit Transfers and Cross-Border Payments.


Implementation Guidelines

Within the link below, you’ll find all the payment types that you can offer to our Individual customers. We also detail what fields, formats and values are required for each payment type.

It's really important that you follow these guidelines to ensure that payments do not get rejected due to incorrect information.

Luxembourgish Implementation Guidelines


General payment rules

The table below contains general rules, cut-off times and processing rules, applicable to the payments that you can offer to our mutual customers.



General rules

Cut-off time

Processing rules



Payment must be in EUR and sent within the SEPA area.

The beneficiary bank must be a SEPA bank.

Only IBAN account numbers are allowed.

14:00 CET on working days.

Value Date  D+1




Any payment outside the SEPA area or a payment in a currency other than EUR within the SEPA area. 

Depends on currency – different cut off times.

Value Date  D+1