Payment API FAQs

What happens when an end user cancels on the payment confirmation window?

Please read our technical guidelines below (depending on which SCA method has been used), as we mention this situation:

SCA Decoupled - Step 3

SCA Redirect - Step 2

Is the transactionStatus in the Payment Initiation flow, updated after the user has signed the SCA flow?

No, the transactionStatus is not updated after the end user has signed the payment. It is updated after the executePayment (PUT) operation.

When can we (the TPP) request the status of a payment?


DescriptionRequest withinDeletion of PaymentId
If the PSU has signed the payment but it has not been executed, the TPP can ask for the status of the payment within 20 minutes. 20 minsMonthly
If the payment is completed, the status of the payment can be asked for up to 24 months. 24 monthsMonthly

Note: When the PaymentId has been deleted, an HTTP 404 will be returned (GET).